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20 Mar Then there are the ones who give straight women in gay bars a bad name. They' re usually single, and they're always angling for center stage. It's like they're secretly hoping to lure the one straight guy who might be there on the same night, or perhaps luck out and succeed at “turning” one of us. For the most part, relationships between gay men and straight women are healthy and positive, with one exception I'll get to later. In the vast majority of cases, relationships between gay men and straight women are platonic. Sure, an occasional teenage girl falls for a boy who's gay, but it doesn't take most girls very long to. 7 Feb As a researcher in social psychology, I've often wondered: Why do straight female-gay male relationships work so well? Why are straight In other words, because gay men are attracted to their own gender, they're a “safe bet” for women—at least, from a sociobiological standpoint. About three years ago. forwomen gay straight boys

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